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Welcome to Cherry Springs Whitetails

Cherry Springs Whitetails is located in the Nueces Canyon in Edwards and Real Counties in Texas.

Cherry Springs Whitetails is dedicated to producing superior South Texas typical whitetails. Our goal is to produce high overall quality trophy whitetails supporting large frame antlers, beam length, and body mass.

The foundation herd was built on solid typical Texas genetics including typical greats such as Muy Grande, Bones, Full House and Hondo. We have enhanced our line including sires such as High Roller Jr,, Frost, Max Dream, Energizer, Ground Zero, Soaring Eagle, Drean Gun, Dream Buck, Maxbo, Gladiator, and Express. To broaden our genetic line, we have recently added AI sires of Blue Chip, Great White, and Free Agent.

Cherry Springs Whitetails offers Texas genetics from pure South Texas typical breeder bucks, Texas crosses and northern breeder bucks. Our program combines the very best qualities from hardiness of the best breeder bucks, superior does, and low stress environment.

We offer a large variety of whitetail genetics for stocking your ranch, enhancing your existing herd, or starting up a new deer program. We provide typical stocker bucks, bred does and open does. Breeder bucks and fawns are offered on a limited basis.

We would be honored for you to visit our facility, give us a call or contact us.


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